Old Home

“Old Home” is a direct translation of the Mandarin term “Lǎojiā”, meaning the place where one or one’s parents grew up. It is a submission-based archive of anonymous East Asian-American childhood photos and stories. It takes the form of a picture book and a web archive (in the works). The submissions were collected through friends and internet strangers, but hopefully in the future, through numerous East Asian-Americans from around the world.

In the past, my work about childhood has been devoid of culture in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience — to appear more universal. However, my childhood experience was not universal. Why can’t a minority narrative be a larger narrative? Growing up, there were no stories about children who looked like me.

“Old Home” paints the portrait of a generation of people who would otherwise be overlooked. I hope to humanize their personal histories and vulnerabilities through the representation of their experiences.